A complete home of candidates in Pacifica

Politics inside the coastal hamlet of Pacifica will never be dull this also City Council Election isn't exception. With nine candidates seeking three open positions around the City Council, the election this coming year is proving being one from the more volatile ones in recent memory – as well as for Pacifica which is saying something.

Two incumbents are searching for to return to office including three-term incumbent Jim Vreeland and two-term incumbent Sue Digre. Two-term incumbent Julie Lancelle opted from seeking one third term in office. Vreeland has far outpaced his opponents in most election he's got run in Pacifica plus there is little reason to consider that time are going to be any different. Vreeland has garnered the endorsements from the county labor council plus the Sierra Club – two key endorsements regarding aid and big voting blocks in Pacifica.

For her part, Digre has improved her vote totals from election completely to another and her support remains largely status quo. She has earned the endorsements in the Sierra Club as well as the county Democratic Party.

Coming on strong is city planning Commissioner William “Leo” Leon, a retired postmaster, that has successfully garnered several big endorsements like the local labor council, the Democratic Party along with the Sierra Club. Leon alone commands all 3 major endorsements and is going to be a formidable candidate therefore.

But local political gadfly and columnist Barbara Arietta also has garnered significant support like the local labor council, the Democratic Party plus the San Mateo County Association of Realtors. Arietta has successfully captured a mixture in the pro-business/development interests plus more progressive endorsements which is the only candidate to do this. Arietta's strength rests with click here bridging that sometimes deep divide in Pacifica and several name identification in the community being the president with the local Democratic Club and also a columnist for your local newspaper.

Arietta shares the realtor endorsement with political newcomers Len Stone and Sue Vellone. Both Stone and Vellone have roots in Pacifica and own small companies. Stone owns a neighborhood insurance agency and Vellone owns a neighborhood salon. Both are linked with the local chamber of commerce – as Vellone is or was the president in the chamber board and Stone could be the incoming president with the same board. Both are running on the platform that's perceived for being more supportive of development hoping to unseat incumbents often known as tilting toward a much more environmentally-oriented development perspective.
Another city planning commissioner Tom Clifford, also the local business owner, is vying for the seat. Clifford split a four-way endorsement from your Sierra Club for three seats. Finally rounding your list includes local attorney Heather Tanner and self-described network engineer/businessman Karl F. Davidson. Neither Tanner nor Davidson have garnered much within the way of endorsed support and it's difficult to discern what you may be doing for campaigning. Interestingly, the San Mateo County Times Newspaper recently releases its endorsements for Pacifica encouraging voters to back up Vreeland, Leon and Stone.

The race likely is dependant on incumbents Vreeland and Digre with Leon, Arietta and Stone inside running. There could be a change within the council this season but with a lot of candidates it's unlikely. Nonetheless, one newcomer will be around the council it doesn't matter what and it seems as if the house is betting on Leon.

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